Our Brand


Effortless style, authenticity, and easy-going living are at the heart of our brand's philosophy. Our Leather Goods has become what it is today - a beautiful collection of stylish and fashionable leather goods of uncompromising quality, to be appreciated by consumers seeking the very best craftsmanship leather has to offer.

Oc trading PLC.is a privately owned company which is established in the year 2015 GC at the heart of the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Our company is producing leather products for local and international customers since the time of its formation devoid of any business setbacks. We are one of the companies among other companies in the land involved in leather product business sector. We are producing and selling bags, as well as accessories made up of the finest quality premium full grain leather. Our leather products are not sanded or buffed out to remove its natural texture.

OC's leather products are able to speak for themselves with an attractive patina- a weathered, sheen look that the material develops through aging. OC works on a basis of creativity and responsibility, fused with a sunny Ethiopian attitude. Our collection pieces are made by our skillful staff allowing for the expertise of artisans and local craft masters.

Effortless style and authenticity are at the center of the brand’s philosophy. These positive values of us are shining throughout every level, which includes from the laid-back tailoring to the made-to-last quality. We do take our inputs from natural materials and our concern to our fragile environment is upmost. Therefore, we are earnestly put our effort to apply a policy that leads us to zero wastage taking into account how our planet is delicate.

It is our conviction that no company should ever put profit over the betterment of the world. OC's aspiration is to be the best casual fashion brand and a trend setter with an outstanding price value proposition. We capture market trends and exclusivity in color, with quality fabrics. We do believe our products express themselves as what they are having relaxed and comfortable OC style.

As a company OC is growing fast and our brand is becoming more and more prevalent amongst other brands that are recognized in the leather products market. OC will soon branch out into other major cities of the country, while also expanding itself into the garment industry to sell clothes, shoes, and a variety of product lines.


It all began with a little girl Kalkidan Assefa. At the age of 17, Kalkidan had developed her dream of becoming a leader in the fashion industry. It was then she got to work. At her tender age she gave birth to her conceived inkling by designing her first logo of “OC”. She put her loved OC in the center of her creation. At this juncture, she began honing her natural, cultivated talent, skills and knowledge.

Fortunately, four years ago, her dream became a reality, with her thriving business located in the heart of Bole, Addis Ababa. She gave job opportunity to those who are in search for job. Since then, her company OC has modest staff who are skilled, well-mannered and into the brand to produce boutique-style production.

Brand Origin

Kalkidan’s father, Assefa, had always wanted to have sisters; however, his wish wouldn’t become reality. Sad though it was, there was a silver lining. Luckily, he became to be blessed with a daughter. At birth, Kalkidan was nicknamed Ocayet, meaning “my children’s sister,” a name her father had saved for his first born daughter. The story stuck with her so when she conceived of her dream, the letters OC, short for Ocaye, were at the very forefront.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality leather products to those who know quality – one customer at a time.


To be recognized as a provider of the best products to the savviest of shoppers worldwide.

Our Products

Each bag is manufactured from the finest materials, hand woven and built to perfection by our most capable artisans, all of whom lived and breathe fashion. We are proud to offer premium full grain leather bags to closely accompany our customers in all areas of appearance and lifestyle, through the design and sale of fashionable products of the first rank, at fair and accessible prices.

Our collections harmonize fashionable design, sophistication, and excitement, with quality, richness, and care; a combination that gives our customers complete confidence in their choices, and fully addresses their fashion needs. At the present time, through the collaboration of our trustworthy and skilled workers taking great care of our production, the company can offer its national and foreign customers an assortments of products at a higher standard.

Out of an understanding of the importance of creating a look that broadcasts a personal and unique style, the accessory collection has become one of our flagship categories, with wide variety of accessories that are specially made to complement one’s presence. Our products are handmade, exquisitely, by individuals with more than at least 5years experience and specialized institutional credentials.

Being Responsible

At OC, it is believed that “… business is not just about making money.” What’s more important to us is than that of receiving we do prefer giving back to others and making sure that our work does not affect others in a bad way.

Ethical and Environmental Considerations

We at OC do our best to use as many recycled materials as much as we could. We always are aiming to have zero-waste from our products through minimizing the disposal of any materials. It is in our knowledge that we do have social responsibilities. We love to contribute to the green environment by reducing pollutants. We are very much concerned to the wellbeing of the society at large.

Community Involvement

Here at OC, we strive to improve the lives of many recycled materials as much as we could. Our aim is to encourage self-love through fashion, and to garner a sense of pride that can be reflected on our customers and in turn to our products. There is a misperception about products that are made in Ethiopia as if they are low-quality. Here we are proving this generalization as it is wrong by producing one item at a time and making them available in the market.

We are also very much aware of gender gap in the society and give focus on women in order to give them 100% employment opportunity against their counterpart and due to this many of the people who are working for us are women. We do facilitate them job trainings, workshops and other formal trainings so as to make them improve their skills and knowledge.

It is often said “…it is better to teach a man how to fish rather than simply just giving him a fish”, and we at OC live by that philosophy.