t all began with a little girl Kalkidan Assefa. At the age of 17, Kalkidan had developed her dream of becoming a leader in the fashion industry. It was then she got to work. At her tender age she gave birth to her conceived inkling by designing her first logo of “OC”. She put her loved OC in the center of her creation. At this juncture, she began honing her natural, cultivated talent, skills and knowledge.

Fortunately, four years ago, her dream became a reality, with her thriving business located in the heart of Bole, Addis Ababa. She gave job opportunity to those who are in search for job. Since then, her company OC has modest staff who are skilled, well-mannered and into the brand to produce boutique-style production.

Brand Origin

Kalkidan’s father, Assefa, had always wanted to have sisters; however, his wish wouldn’t become reality. Sad though it was, there was a silver lining. Luckily, he became to be blessed with a daughter. At birth, Kalkidan was nicknamed Ocya, meaning “my children’s sister,” a name her father had saved for his daughter (that shows his love and need of a daughter in a world where women are seen as burden to be eagerly wanted put a special meaning in her heart). The story stuck with her so when she conceived of her dream, the letters OC, short for Ocaye, were at the very forefront.